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Naptime Refusal

The End is Near: Naptime Refusal

On Saturday afternoons, if we have no plans, my son and husband usually take a long nap together on my son’s bedroom floor. They lay out their blankets and pillows like they are camping inside of the house. I love peeking into the room to hear my husband snoring loudly and to see my son […]

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Watching Disney Movie as a Parent

I am Marlin: Watching Disney Movies as a Parent

My husband and I recently watched Finding Nemo with our son while we were trying to stay out of the hellfire heat that has been this summer. We were watching the scene where Marlin is taking Nemo to school, and I immediately thought out loud, “Oh my God, I’m Marlin.” My husband just scoffed and […]

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Temper tantrum during family photo shoot...

Full Circle: The Karma of Parenting

My parents used to tell me stories of how, when I was a toddler, I would throw epic temper tantrums. Specifically, anytime we needed to leave somewhere, I was horrible. My mom said one particular time, my parents were trying to shuffle my older sister and me out of my aunt and uncle’s house when […]

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Canva - Woman Sitting Beside Pool Holding Tablet

Summer Must Reads for Mom

Picture this. You’re a busy mom who has somehow magically found yourself alone with more than an hour to spare, sitting by your neighborhood pool or on your peaceful back deck. None of your kids are bothering you for a popsicle, and your hands aren’t grimy with slathering sunscreen on their arms for the third […]

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Canva - Play, Lego Duplo, Build, Role Playing Game, Males

Party Foul: Toddler Edition

I don’t know what it is about motherhood that makes us instinctively catch our child’s vomit in our hands when they are throwing up. It just happens. And for me, it now happens during my son’s class parties. It’s like a party foul, but with toddlers. Let me set the scene. My husband and I […]

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Mommy Hour: My Time to Be Selfish

As a mom to a child that recently entered his toddler phase, I have to watch a lot of television shows that make me want to punch Elmo in the face. Blippi, the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, good ol’ Sesame Street, you name it. And in the month of September, the calendar is full of […]

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