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1,106 Days of Breastfeeding

I’ve always loved breastfeeding photos. The ones I’ve seen shared are absolutely beautiful. From selfies to professionally shot photographs, there’s just something magical about them. Here is my last breastfeeding photo. I took it during my son’s last nursing session, 10 days after his third birthday. If you had told me 1,106 days before that […]

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How to Have the Best Divorce Ever

At the end of April, my divorce was finalized. It was almost one year in the making, from the day of our split. We just had the best divorce ever. Easy transition to co-parenting, easy division of property and debts, comfortable being around each other every day, lots of communication and even chatting like friends. […]

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The Puppy and the Preschooler

Just when I was beginning to get my life sorted out, I went and messed it up again… I got a puppy. To go along with the 4-year-old who already wrecks my house. The Backstory My old dog Paige passed away last September from lymphoma. She was 10 years old, and had been “my girl” […]

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Being a Work from Home Mom Is Awesome… and Awful

Ya, I said it. It’s the sweetest gig and the most challenging of my life, all wrapped into one. I love my business, I love my son – I don’t love being everything, all at once, all the time. Before we were even considering having children, my ex-husband and I discussed how we wanted them […]

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