Top Five Free Places to Take Infants in Indianapolis

Top 5 FREE Indy Places to Take Infants

As a mom, I’m always looking for fun and free things to do with my little one.  I’ve found that keeping a four-month-old entertained all day can be challenging, especially because his attention span is short and most activities are not typically geared towards children as young as him.  Luckily, I’ve found several places that do a great job at catering to his needs and meeting him where he is right now in the Indy area. And bonus, they’re free!

1. Mrs. Ashley’s Music Circle: On Monday mornings from 10:30-11:30, Mrs. Ashley and 25-30 babies, toddlers, and parents jam to secular music and movement geared for children ages 0-4 at the College Ave. Branch Public Library.  We started attending when Kevin was only three months old, and it’s taught me that music is a great way to help his brain develop.  We love the tunes, tummy time, and rainbow parachute!

2. The Urban Chalkboard: Open Monday through Saturday, The Urban Chalkboard is a great place to take kids when the weather is crummy or you want to meet up with other moms to get a coffee.  Adults are always free, and children who are still crawling can pass by without any money being exchanged.  The space offers a padded area with mirrors for infants, an extensive library with a dream tree in the middle, and daily classes that encourage sensory exploration.  As a mom, I love the healthy snack options available for purchase and the enthusiastic atmosphere to enjoy them in.

3. IU North Mother Connection Support Group: On most Tuesday’s from 12:30-2, IU North offers classes on topics that are relevant to parents of newborns.  Topics range from how to keep the spark alive in your marriage to how to start solids. A pediatric nurse practitioner leads the group and does her best to answer any questions that are asked.  I found the class to be informative and an atmosphere in which I did not feel embarrassed that Kevin had an all-out meltdown because it occurred during nap time.

4. The Indianapolis Winter Farmer’s Market: On Saturday’s from 9:30-12, families can browse the eateries and shops at the Indianapolis Winter Farmer’s Market.  It’s stroller-friendly and offers both healthy and decadent options.  The first time we visited, we didn’t realize there are two sections, connected by an indoor corridor.  One section has mainly restaurants and the other has mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.  Make sure to check out both sides if you go!

5. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Baby Music Class: Traveling to various libraries throughout Indianapolis, the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Baby Music Classes are happening for a limited time, and are a great way to incorporate music and musical instruments into your baby’s day!  Kevin loved sitting on the drum, shaking the maracas, and wiggling to the music.

We enjoyed a family outing at the Indianapolis Winter Farmer's Market.

We enjoyed a family outing at the Indianapolis Winter Farmer’s Market.

Have you found any free infant-friendly activities around Indy that you love?

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