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Hey Girl, Love Yourself

Valentine’s Day is over. Whether you’re extra and made homemade, gluten-free Valentine’s for your kids class or took the easy route and grabbed some from the dollar section at Target, you slayed. I’m sure you also did something wonderful for your husband too because as a mom and wife, this is what you do. But […]

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My Pregnancy Announcement: Part II

When I found out I was pregnant, my Mom found out she had endometrial cancer. I was a first-time mom full of hope and surprise. I was also full of anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’m going to be a mom?!  My pregnancy announcement was surreal. My own mom’s diagnosis propelled the anxiety and […]

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Calm Down, Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. Has your child picked out his/her valentines to pass out to classmates? If not, you may want to do so; the Fourth of July decorations are probably on their way to store shelves! However, back to those valentines – I have a little grumble with how far they have come […]

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Dry January: A Recap

  For the first time since turning 21 (aside from pregnancy), I went 25 days without drinking alcohol. Does that sound shocking to you? Or, does it feel pretty normal? The CDC says that women should have no more than 1 drink per day and binge drinking is stated as 4 or more drinks in one […]

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The Gift of Life: National Donor Day

For nearly a decade of my life, I had the honor of working as a pediatric transplant nurse. I cared for infants born with anatomical abnormalities that caused their tiny livers to fail. I held hands with terrified parents as we hurriedly ran through the pre-transplant checklist when they got “the call”. I laughed with […]

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Winter Blues: Mixing Up Playtime

So, the holiday season has now passed, which means your kids are already bored with their brand new toys they received in December. Yeah, your heart was in the right place, thinking they would continue to play with those toys for the next 6 months at least, but reality has hit and they are bored! […]

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