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Social Media & Births

Social Media and Births: Please Don’t Introduce Baby Before I Do

Every once in a while I hear about a post on Facebook where an over-eager friend or family member has made a birth announcement and/or shared photos of a new baby before the parents have. If you’ve shared an announcement with permission from the parents, fantastic! Consider yourself an extremely valued member of the new parents’ lives. […]

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Wet mouth

Sweating it Out: Life with Hyperhidrosis

I’ve been trying to hide something from everyone – very literally everyone – for my entire life, but I’m finally ready to just come out with it. I have hyperhidrosis. When I confess this to anyone, the response I get is typically, “You have what? What is hyper-whatever?” Hyperhidrosis is a medical term for excessive […]

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Why You Should Eat As A Family

Why You Should Eat As A Family :: DinnerCall & the #BillionDinners Challenge

I’m not a meal planner. I don’t love cooking and trips to the grocery store are the bane of my existence most days. I’d describe mealtime in our house as “rushed” and eating together as a family is not one of our strengths. Pre-kids (and pre-smartphone days), dinner was my favorite part of the day. […]

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Our actions and decisions today will shape

Confessions of the Second Wife

I realize there a multitude of reasons people get divorced, so I don’t mean for my feelings to be representative of every second wife’s. Nor to nullify the pain and confusion that a divorce entails. It’s just that’s his story, not mine. This is my story. It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a […]

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My Daughter's love life-3

Into the Wild: What I Hope for My Daughter’s Love Life {Perspectives In Parenting}

I know this idea isn’t a necessarily new (“sow your wild oats” and “God Bless the Broken Road” and “I Hope You Dance” and all), but I think it might be timely as women’s sexuality, morality, and reproduction seems to be up for general debate: I hope my daughter has a lot of romantic partners […]

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children disabilities friendship

Discussing Disabilities With Your Kids: When to Talk About It and How

We are all alike, we are all different. As a preschool teacher and currently an in-home childcare provider I have always held this mentality. There are things about each one of us that make us unique and things about us that we have in common with everyone else on the planet. Growing up I was […]

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