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Indy Mom Strong

Indy Mom Strong :: Project Home Indy

This is the first in a series “Indy Mom Strong”, profiling mothers who have overcome obstacles and struggles in the midst of motherhood. Share your Strong Mom story with the hashtag #indymomstrong. A first time mom. A newborn baby. This tiny being for whom you are now responsible and there is no instruction manual. Do you […]

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Childhood Unsupervised: A Thing of The Past?

Motherhood used to involve currently-ludicrous concepts like letting your children play outside unsupervised or walk to school alone. This gave mom and kids a chance to live a few moments of life without each others consuming presence. Freedom allowed adults to have adult conversations (or a bit of alone time), children to have crucial unsupervised […]

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Stop Defending School Dress Codes.

Recently, a Kentucky teen was sent home for school for a dress code violation. The offense? Her collarbone was showing. Just yesterday, I came across another article about a principal in England sending girls home for wearing pants that were too tight. You know, because it’s distracting to male teachers. There is a distinct difference […]

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My Daughter's love life-3

Into the Wild: What I Hope for My Daughter’s Love Life {Perspectives In Parenting}

I know this idea isn’t a necessarily new (“sow your wild oats” and “God Bless the Broken Road” and “I Hope You Dance” and all), but I think it might be timely as women’s sexuality, morality, and reproduction seems to be up for general debate: I hope my daughter has a lot of romantic partners […]

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